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Sawadee Ka – Hello! My name is Anne Naphat Ghiassi and I’m from Bangkok, Thailand but my husband and I now call Central Oregon home.

When I first moved to America it was hard, I was missing something that I needed every day.

You might not know this about Thai people, but we take food very seriously.

In fact when we meet friends and family one of the first things we ask is, “Gin cow may?” Which translates to “Would you like to eat?” It’s an invitation and it’s how we show we care.

Some might say food is our national love language, and it definitely is mine.

As you might imagine what I was missing was the authentic Thai flavors and tastes that I grew up with. That’s when I realized something about myself, I find joy in cooking.

I started sharing my food with others, and I was worried, “If I cook the authentic Thai flavors will people like it? Maybe it will be too strong, too different, too spicy compared to what people are used to here in America.”

One day I cooked Tom Kha Soup (Coconut Chicken Soup) for a party. When I saw the happy expressions on people’s face when they ate it, I felt so proud.

It made me brave enough to start cooking for customers from my home kitchen. People started putting in weekly orders and picking it up.

I felt so proud that my traditional Thai food made it here to America. It made me feel accepted and happy to share what my Grandmother and Mother taught me, I felt that they were here with me.

Since that first spark I went back to culinary school in my hometown in Thailand to train in Royal Thai cuisine so that I can represent my country.

I am proud to be Thai and I would love to teach you about our food and our culture. This is my reason for starting PROUD Thai Cuisine and I look forward to sharing a meal together with you.


“Anne's food is so delicious, her Coconut Chicken Soup changed my life! She is a great teacher and really knows her stuff.”

“I've been to Thailand and always had a hard time finding authentic Thai food here in Oregon. After Anne's lessons I can cook all my favorites at home.”

“Having Anne come over and cook for our family allowed us to start eating healthier each week and the food is so so good!”

“We booked Anne for a private dinner to come over to cook something up for us and six of our friends. It was a fantastic experience!”

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